After-sale service

The company is committed to providing you with one-stop service solutions. The company will provide free maintenance for the main parts of the machine within one year and lifelong technical service for the machine if the products purchased are the authentic products of the company.

After the equipment is delivered to the customer, the company is responsible for training the customer for the first time and making suggestions on the use and maintenance of the equipment to the customer.

After the first installation and commissioning, the company will continue to provide technical services and technical support to customers.

After the equipment installation and commissioning is completed and the customer acceptance is qualified, the company's technicians will visit the customer's construction site from time to time to understand the use of the equipment and provide relevant after-sales service to help the customer use the equipment correctly and solve the problems arising in the use process.

During the period of equipment maintenance, if there is a system failure, the company will send a special person to the equipment use site within 24 hours after receiving the formal written notification from the customer, and solve the problem 24 hours later.

After exceeding the warranty period, as long as the company's equipment problems, regardless of the size of the problem, as long as customers have requirements, the company will continue to serve customers, spare parts required by customers will be provided at factory prices.

Service quality

_Every equipment has set up equipment files, and the person is responsible for them.

Solve customer's questions timely, truthfully and correctly.

Be conscientious and responsible for on-site maintenance, try to solve problems for customers as early as possible and save expenses;

Put forward suggestions to customers in time according to needs and possibilities;

The service standards within and outside the warranty period are consistent.

For details, please call our after-sales service hotline: 400-681-8882 021-57407118