warranty policy

Shanghai Yayao Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to providing you with one-stop service solutions. The company will provide free maintenance for the main parts of the machine within one year and lifelong technical service for the machine if the products purchased are the authentic products of the company.

According to the "three packages" regulation, the main parts of the whole machine are guaranteed for one year, and the manufacturer of consumables and fragile parts does not issue free warranty during the warranty period (see the instructions for the use of the products for details). From the date of purchase and issuance of the bill, the date on which the machine leaves the factory shall prevail.

Free service is provided by the company during the warranty period when the product purchased by the company has its own performance failure.

Due to faults caused by quality problems of products, customers can enjoy free maintenance service by filling out warranty cards and purchase tickets during the warranty period.

No alteration of the warranty card and the purchase ticket is allowed. Once it is found that the company has the right to stop the free warranty service of the product, please properly keep the purchase ticket and the guarantee card, and the loss will not be repaired.

Personal damage caused by improper use, abuse, tampering, accident, alteration or unauthorized repair during the warranty period, the company does not provide free maintenance services.

Products damaged by disasters or extreme conditions, whether natural or human, will not be able to provide free maintenance services, including but not limited to floods, fires, lightning strikes or power line interference.

For details, please call our after-sales service hotline: 400-681-8882 021-57407118